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Practice Areas

THE LAW OFFICES OF JOEL D. BIERER was established in 1998 upon the retirement of Joel Bierer’s partner in a successful law partnership. 

Mr. Bierer had the benefit of being trained and mentored by his senior partner, a skilled trial lawyer with a keen legal mind. Early in our professional relationship, there was a discussion about the type of practice we had. Mr. Bierer described the practice as one that specialized in personal injury. His partner responded, “Do not limit yourself to other people’s definitions.”

As his partner stated, quite emphatically, “YOU ARE A CIVIL LITIGATOR!!!”

His partner felt that no lawyer can be a true general practitioner. However, if one diligently studied a new area of law related to a case, worked twice as hard as the other attorney, knew the client and the facts better than anyone else, and hired knowledgeable experts to educate you and to present the case, there was a wide range of cases we were qualified to handle.

That is the single most-important lesson that Mr. Bierer ever had as a lawyer, and he has applied it to the practice ever since.

When you contact our office, you will be working with a firm that meets the ethical standards of the State Bar of California. We will not represent you if we are not qualified to do so. We have represented clients — with consistently successful results — over the course of many years of practice. A representative sample of these areas of practice is shown in the list above.