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Since our firm was established in 1998, the Law Offices of Joel D. Bierer has been handling insurance law cases for clients throughout the state of California. Insurance companies are the main source of recovery for our clients — and our most common adversary. Aside from the insurance coverage that may cover losses in our areas of practice, there is a separate category of insurance law: people who had the benefits of insurance policies covering them, but were wrongfully denied their coverage.

The Law Offices of Joel D. Bierer has helped clients recover benefits wrongfully denied to them — whether these benefits are for healthcare coverage, for disability benefits when they are unable to work, or for damage to their homes and property. In these instances, the vast majority of people do not have the resources to stand up and fight for the rights and protections that they have paid for. Statistics how that insurance companies routinely deny claims that are covered — counting on the fact that their insureds will not fight for their benefits.

Our firm represents individuals looking to recover these benefits. Through negotiation and litigation, we have successfully guided clients through these difficult times — to get them the compensation they are owed.

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