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After graduating from college, Joel Bierer worked for several years before attending law school. One of the professions that he engaged in was carpentry: He built new single-family homes, and he renovated old buildings built in the 19th century. This was how he was able to help finance his law school education. This work continued on a part-time basis, even as a full-time law student.

His first position after law school was as in-house counsel for the Northern California Carpenters Trust Funds, working in close proximity with the Northern California Carpenters Union. Although no longer wielding a hammer, Mr. Bierer spent considerable time in the field on construction-job sites — meeting with contractors, developers and people from every realm of the construction trades. His experience in construction enabled him to learn about the construction process, and it helped him to develop a rapport with the people he met in the construction trades.

This niche has led to handling construction, construction defect, and commercial and residential real property litigation disputes at our firm, ranging from single-family homes to condominiums to a 268-unit apartment complex that was sold with defects that were not disclosed, resulting in a recovery of more than $7 million for his client against the developer, the seller and the largest property-management company in the United States.

In addition to helping clients in cases involving actual construction defects, our firm represents victims of landslides, flooding, construction-contract disputes, water intrusion, real estate fraud for failure to disclose hidden conditions in the sale of real property, property line and easement disputes, and toxic mold contamination. Through the years, we have represented — and sued — architects, engineers, developers, contractors and home owners associations. In each instance, our firm was privately retained: There was never an instance when we were not paid or hired by insurance companies. Our firm has seen both sides of the fence: We can separate the good from the bad, and the honest from the dishonest.

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